Ed's USA Auto Rentals


The Ed's USA Team

Tracey Fenstermacher: Owner, President

Chris Fenstermacher: Vice President

Diane Keese: General Manager

Nella Hutsko: Office Manager & Sales Specialist

Brandon Haverstick: Front Office Customer Service Specialist

Sue Wentz: Front Office Customer Service Specialist

Sarah Covelusky: Front Office Customer Service Specialist

Kathy Bromwell: Accounting Manager

David Prosper: Accountant & Sales Specialist

Scott Mitchell: Business Develpoment & Marketing Manager

Chris Norkus: Fleet Processing Manager & Sales Specialist

Gerard Newton: Service Technician

Joe Martin: Service Technician

Derek Jackson: Service Technician

Zach Zeiders: Reconditioning Specialist

Tina Valerio: Service Manager

Rick Botzer: Lead Service Mechanic Specialist

Matt Slakus: Service Mechanic Specialist

Russ Winters: Service Mechanic Specialist

Lou Haag: Maintenance



Daisy: Head of Security


Coal: Security in Training