Ed's USA Auto Rentals


Our Owner's Legacy

"The Walking Man's Friend"


Hard work, dedication, and an effective cost management philosophy define how Ed Keese turned a small five-car rental facility into a 550 plus vehicle fleet with diversified associated businesses.

Known locally as "the walking man's friend," Ed began his operation in 1982 at 1208 Laurel Boulevard. Here, he developed a rental company that utilized the longevity of well-maintained late model used cars. By "controlling the pennies and nickels," and "letting the dollars take care of themselves" the business began to grow.

In 1985, a key opportunity presented itself to Ed. The historic garment factory, formerly known as the Tilt Silk Mill, had been sitting vacant on 12th street for over four years. Being in serious disrepair, the city of Pottsville was considering demolishing the building if a buyer couldn't be located.

Realizing the potential business opportunities within the 100-year-old structure, Ed purchased the factory and immediately began to renovate. His efforts to restore the building not only afforded him with a great deal of business opportunities but also gained him recognition with the city for preserving this historic landmark.

The Highest Acknowledgements

Ed was bestowed with a key to the city, and the Pottsville Distinguished Citizen Award. With the newly acquired building, it was time for Ed to expand and diversify his company. It was then that he founded HD Motors, a full service repair facility to maintain the growing fleet.

In addition, to fully utilize the factory's vast floor space, Ed established his U-Store It company and divided the open areas into individual off-site storage units. Being the first of its kind in the county, the storage company enjoys a 96% occupancy rate with over 500 units.

Being a family-owned-and-operated business, Ed's daughter Tracey Fenstermacher began working full time in the business in 1997 after graduating from Kutztown University. She worked closely with Ed to learn and improve upon the basic philosophies that have made the business so successful.

Together in 2008, they launched CTF Warranty Company, an industry leading warranty to aid in their buy-here pay-here business. With Ed's passing in 2009, Tracey has taken over as owner and operator of the company.

By continuing to implement Ed's business philosophy, she is assuring the growth and prosperity of the company for the future. Tracey's husband, Chris Fenstermacher, joined the business in 2010.